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We create websites using a “Mobile First” approach. This means designing them with a primary focus on mobile usage. In this context, the website pages are initially created for smartphones and then adapted for desktop computers. The goal is to produce a lightweight mobile version by reducing unnecessary features and content.

This approach ensures quick access to information, clear and easily understandable content, and a fast user experience.

Designing pages and the website structure with a focus on its target audience is the key to engaging users by providing an experience tailored to their expectations.

Blacksense specializes in creating eco-designed websites. Our goal is to offer an eco-conscious user experience:

  • A clean and minimalist design that focuses on text and images, with a limited color palette. Subtle scroll and loading animations add detail.
  • Simplifying the design to highlight content and features. No unnecessary images – each image serves as a navigational element, inviting users to explore further. No autoplay videos; users are in control.
  • The scrollitelling principle.
  • An eco-conscious website that prioritizes the user’s initial and ongoing needs, with easy access to the desired information.
  • A service-oriented user experience.

We are committed to designing websites that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. We adhere to a strict checklist:

  • We use eco-friendly or “green” web hosting.
  • We optimize the loading time of our web pages:
    • Limiting requests to essential elements.
    • Optimizing and compressing images to reduce their size and loading time.
    • Regularly removing unnecessary media and data stored on the server and in the database.
    • Recommending deferred loading of media. The cleaner your site, the more environmentally responsible it will be. We prioritize thoughtful design and opt for a minimalist approach by limiting unnecessary features, modules, and images that don’t add significant value to navigation, user experience, and customer journey.
  • We offer a dark mode for site navigation:
    • This allows all internet users to save electricity while browsing the website.
  • Implementation of caching and its impact on maintenance:
    • To reduce data processing.
  • Eco-design is a broader approach than just the technical aspects:
    • During the responsive HTML integration phase, special attention will be given to optimizing the page structure for SEO to maximize natural search engine rankings.
    • These optimizations are part of a performance-driven and eco-friendly approach.

We place a special emphasis on making our websites scalable, turnkey, and easily maintainable. This is based on technical and design choices that always take into consideration the scalability of a website, making its updates straightforward. This ensures that you will have a solution that can evolve as your needs and technological advancements progress.

Blacksense helps you enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns with tools designed to improve your performance.

Press relations and social networks can, in some cases, serve as le driving forces.

Blacksense welcomes you to share your vision of new communication strategies. Contact us..